Can the NDIS help you get a job?

Can the NDIS help you get a job?

There are many ways The National Disability Insurance Scheme and your NDIS plan can be utilised to help you reach your NDIS goals.

For some, this may mean reaching a certain level of independence. Independence can mean different things to different people. It may be learning a new skill, or it may be furthering their education (studying at TAFE or University); and for some it may be to enter the workforce and get a job.

Finding and keeping a job can be challenging with a disability, but if it is one of your plan goals the NDIS is here to help.  
The NDIS can facilitate and support you in finding, staying in and advancing in your job. They may also provide support for any adjustments or specialized aids/ equipment you or your employer may need to help you perform your job.

How can the NDIS help you find a job?

If finding employment is important to you, you should mention this in your NDIS planning meeting. The NDIS may provide funding for counselling, workplace assessment, assistance with writing a resume, and support both before and during a job interview. This support is funded under the Capacity Building Support Category – ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’ of your NDIS plan. The NDIS may also allocate funding to the ‘Increased Social and Community Participation’ category of your NDIS plan; which can be used to develop social skills and independence that will also help you with finding and maintaining employment.

How can the NDIS help you keep your job?

In addition to helping you find employment, the NDIS can help you at work too. This may be by providing funding for supports you may require while at work; including assistance with eating meals (Assistance With Daily Living) or transport to and from work (Transport). You may also be able to access on the job training to assist you with meeting and managing the demands of your job (Finding and Keeping a Job).

Assistance for School leavers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme also offers assistance to school leavers who may need help finding employment. This is known as ‘School Leaver Employment Supports’ (SLES). This initiative aims to get young people ready to join the work force and to boost employment opportunities.

The NDIS can facilitate a range of supports specific to your needs, but it is important to remember these supports must be ‘reasonable and necessary’, directly related to your disability and must provide value for money. For more information on how the National Disability Insurance Scheme can help you find a job, visit the NDIS website here.

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