How Much Does An NDIS Plan Manager cost?

How Much Does An NDIS Plan Manager cost?

If you’re here because you’ve been considering making the switch to NDIS plan management, but have found yourself wondering ‘how much does an NDIS plan manager cost?’, we’ve got some great news for you! There is NO cost to participants who choose to have their NDIS plan ‘plan managed’.  
The NDIA will actually allocate extra funding to the Improved Life Choices” category of your NDIS plan to cover the costs of engaging with a plan manager. So not only is there no out-of-pocket-cost to you, having a plan manager does not dip into any of your current plan funding either.  

So how is a plan manager paid? 

When you first engage with a plan manager they are paid a set up fee (this is paid only for the first plan and is added on top of your plan funding.) They are then paid a monthly fee (also added on top of your plan funding) to manage the financial administration associated with your NDIS plan.  

How much is a plan manager paid? 

For participants situated in metropolitan areas, a set up fee of $232.00 is applicable, followed by a monthly fee of $104.00 to cover the cost assisting and supporting participants with their NDIS plan and managing the financial side of things. For participants in more remote areas, they can expect to pay an increased rate.
*None of these fees are at a cost to the participant, and they do not affect a participants NDIS plan funding.  

If you have any questions about plan management or would like to learn more about what Assist Plan Managers can offer you, please feel free to fill out our contact form, or contact us on 0452 238 335, our friendly team are always happy to help in anyway they can! 

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