How Do I Change NDIS Plan Managers?

How Do I Change NDIS Plan Managers?

Wondering how to change NDIS Plan Managers? You’ll be pleased to know it’s easy and you can do so at any time!

In fact, you’ll probably be surprised at just how easy the process is!


It’s as simple as:


  1. Getting in touch with your chosen NDIS plan manager.
    They will then take you through their sign up process.
  2. Get in touch with your current plan manager and request to cancel their services.
    This generally needs to be done in writing, and they cannot refuse your request. You may however be bound by any notice periods set out in your Service Agreement.

If you’d like to make the switch to Assist Plan Managers, give our friendly team a call on 0452 238 335 and we’ll guide you through the whole process, after all, we’re here to make life easier!

We can even help you when it comes to notifying your current plan manager of your intent to change.

In a hurry? Click the following link to download our PDF guide to switching your NDIS plan manager.


Do I need to tell my current NDIS plan manager why I am changing?

Not at all. The NDIS is all about giving you, the participant, choice and control, and if you would like to change your NDIS plan manager for ANY reason, you are within your rights and do not need to justify your decision to anyone.



Do I need to notify the NDIA that I would like to change plan managers?

No. Because you already have Improved Life Choices (plan management) in your NDIS plan, there is nothing the NDIA needs to update.


How long does it take to transition to a new plan manager?

This will depend on the Service Agreement you have with your current NDIS plan manager. In most cases there will be a notice period you will be required to abide by. Your current plan manager will continue their services until the notice period has ended, where your new NDIS plan manager will take over.



Do I have to wait for a plan review to change plan managers?

Nope! If your current plan manager isn’t working out, you have the freedom to switch whenever you like. (Within the terms stated in the Service Agreement you have with your current plan manager). Check out our post on requesting a review of your plan.



Will it cost me to switch NDIS plan managers?

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you should you choose to change plan manager.

Check out our post on the cost of an NDIS plan manager.



Will changing plan managers affect my current supports?

Changing NDIS plan managers will not disrupt the payment of your current supports. Your current plan manager will continue to pay your providers until the notice period has been served, then your new plan manager will take over.

At Assist Plan Managers we work with you and your providers to make this transition as smooth as possible.



Why would I change to Assist Plan Managers?

Because we are here to make life easier, and it shows in everything we do!
We provide a professional, friendly, and most importantly personal Plan Management service, allowing you direct contact with your personal Client Care Manager when and where you need it.


We process your invoices the day we receive them and we will always go above and beyond to help you in any way that we can, but most importantly, you will never be just a number to us!



Have more questions?

Our team are always happy to help! Give us a call on 0452 238 335 or email us at and one of our NDIS plan management experts will be happy to answer your questions!

Call us on 0452 238 335 or to get started!


You can find out more about NDIS Plan Management on the NDIS website.

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