IS STA or Short Term Accommodation funded through my NDIS plan?

IS STA or Short Term Accommodation funded through my NDIS plan?

At Assist Plan Managers, we are often asked ‘Is STA or Short Term Accommodation funded through my NDIS plan?’ and the short answer is, yes!

However, you have to ask for it. Like other supports you may have included in your NDIS plan, it must be considered ‘reasonable and necessary’, the amount of informal support you require and receive will also be considered.

Making sure you are well prepared for your planning meeting or plan review meeting will help to ensure you are able to access the funding you need for the supports that you require.
It may be helpful to illustrate just how much assistance your informal supports and carer provide each day to meet your needs, being sure to emphasize the effect this has on everyone involved, and why access to Short Term Accommodation will help. Basically, you need to explain and prove why access to STA for you and your support network is ‘reasonable and necessary’.

How does the NDIS fund STA?

The funding for STA will come from your ‘Core Supports – Assistance with Daily Life’ budget.
The amount of funding for STA you receive will depend on the amount of support you receive/require from your informal support network/carers.

What is STA or Short Term Accommodation?

Short Term Accommodation (also known as respite) is intended for those times when a participant may require supports that differ from their usual, everyday arrangements. It can be useful in times of unexpected emergencies, gaps in housing or transitional periods, but it is mainly designed to provide you and your carers with a well-earned break.

Everybody needs a break at times, and under the NDIS, STA provides those living with disability, and their carers, with the opportunity to exercise their independence, socialize, try new things and even develop new skills. Many STA providers offer capacity building activities, including art therapy, day trips or group fitness activities. It is a great opportunity for participants to be supported by someone new, enjoy a break from their everyday routine and a change of scenery. 
The NDIS recognizes the huge role family and carers have, and STA enables these carers to enjoy a break, focus on other things and relax for a period of time.

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