What can I do if I’m not happy with my service provider?

What can I do if I’m not happy with my service provider?

Quite often we are asked ‘What can I do if I’m not happy with my service provider?’

As an NDIS participant, you have the right to be safe, respected, and to receive good quality services and support, but sometimes you might find yourself in a position where you feel that your current service provider is not the right fit for you. The fact is, if your current service provider is not providing you with the support you need, then you’re unlikely to be getting the most out of your NDIS plan. The good news is, you can change NDIS service providers by following these simple steps.
When you encounter a problem with a service provider, the first step is to make the service provider aware of the problem, have a conversation, and try to resolve the issue.

1. Check your Service Agreement.

If for whatever reason the issue cannot be resolved, you will need to look to your Service Agreement. The terms and conditions of your Service Agreement should outline any termination periods or cancellation fees. If you do not have a Service Agreement you can skip this step!

2. End your current Service Agreement.

The next step is to end your current service agreement. Generally, this should be done in writing as it acts as a formal record and proof of the commencement of the termination process. Thus, any necessary termination period will begin from this date.

3. Remove service booking from MyPlace Portal.

You’re nearly there! Once your current service provider acknowledges your wishes, the next step is to request that they remove your service booking from the MyPlace Portal. This is necessary so your new service provider can create a service booking for you.

4. Find a new service provider!

The last step is to find a new service provider. There are numerous NDIS provider directories on the internet. It is now a matter of finding a provider that fits your needs and getting in touch to begin the sign up process.

It’s that easy!

You have a right to complain about the services you receive. If you have any concerns or complaints about the quality or safety of a service you have received, you are encouraged to raise these issues. At first instance with the provider themselves. If this is not possible or the complaint is not addressed appropriately, you can then make a formal complaint.

You can find out more about making a complaint at the NDIS website and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission website. You can also change NDIS plan managers, too.

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