Where do I start With My NDIS Plan?

Where do I start With My NDIS Plan?

Now that you’ve got your approved NDIS plan, the big question is… what next?

First Steps After Getting Your Plan

Get the most out of your NDIS plan, get started as soon as you receive your approved plan.

Step 1 – You’ve received your approved NDIS plan

One of the first things you want to do after receiving your approved plan, is thoroughly read and understand your funding and included supports. Your plan will include information about you, family and friends, services and community groups, your goals and funded supports (support categories).

Read more about NDIS funding categories.

Step 2 – Accessing your NDIS plan and managing supports

In order to be able to look at your NDIS plan and manage your supports, you need to be able to access myplace, this is the NDIS participant portal.

So How Do I Access myplace?

If you have not already, you must register online for a MyGov account, you can then link and access the myplace portal from there.

You will receive a code to use the first time you access myplace. You should access the portal as soon as possible once you have received this code, as it will expire in 10 days.

If you need an activation code, or your activation code has expired, you can get another one by calling the NDIA on 1800 800 110 or contacting your early childhood partner or LAC.

You can find more information here.

Step 3 – Connect with a support person

There are a range of people who can help you to get started with your NDIS plan and begin receiving supports and services. These include your plan manager, support coordinator, LAC or early childhood partner.

It might seem overwhelming at first, but just remember there is a whole support network out there to assist you on your NDIS journey!

NDIS Plan Managers

How you choose to manage your NDIS plan can affect the level of support you may receive.

If you’re plan managed, or asked for plan management to be included at your planning meeting, then your plan manager will be able to help you get started.

A good NDIS plan manager will be able to offer assistance and guidance with your NDIS plan and offer advice on what you can and can’t use your plan funding for.

Check out our blog: What does an NDIS plan manager do?

If you are currently Self-Managed or NDIA Managed, you are in control and can always request for it to be changed to Plan Managed, at any time.

Support Coordinator

Your support coordinator (if one is funded for within your plan) can help you use your plan and engage different supports. They will assist you in working towards your goals, improving skills, increasing community participation, living more independently, or even employment.

For individuals with more complex needs who need help coordinating their supports and services, specialist support coordination (a higher level of support coordination) may be available.

Find more information on Support Coordinators here.

If you don’t have funding allocated for support coordination, we do provide a service that can help, it is called Assist Plan Support. To learn more visit ndisplansupport.net.au or call us on 0427 838 491.

Early Childhood Partners

Families and carers of children (under the age of 7), with an NDIS plan, will work alongside an early childhood partner. These are professionals who are experienced in working with children with disability and developmental delay.

Find more information about early childhood partners here.

Local Area Coordinators (LAC)

Most NDIS participants (over 7) will have access to Local Area Coordinator (LAC), to help understand and navigate their plan. Your LAC can assist you in using the myplace portal and assist you in finding supports. Your LAC will monitor your plan and its progress regularly.

Find more information about LACs here.

Your support coordinator or LAC can help you:

  • Understand your plan;
  • Understand what supports you may be able to fund with your plan;
  • Learn what the responsibilities of certain services include;
  • Connect with service providers;
  • Find service providers, (check out our blog: How Do I Find NDIS service providers?); and
  • Create a service agreement and service bookings with your chosen providers.

Your plan manager, support coordinator, LAC or early childhood partner are all great points of contact if you have any questions, concerns, or if your circumstances change.

What If I Disagree With What is in My Plan?

If, when you receive your approved plan you feel that you do not have enough funding for your required supports or something isn’t right, you have the right to request an internal review by the NDIA. Your LAC, early childhood partner, planner or an advocate can assist you with the process.

Why not let us make life easier for you?

Assist Plan Managers can help you with your NDIS funding in many ways. Plan Managed has many advantages.

If you are currently Plan Managed, but not sure if you are getting the most out of your current Plan Manager, it’s easy to switch! Click the following link to learn how to change NDIS plan manager.

Have Questions?

Want to know more about plan management or what Assist Plan Managers can offer you, feel free to fill out our contact form, or contact us on 0452 238 335.